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Solucions and Services

for your Company

Dedicated link for high speed internet access.

The market demands more connection, better infrastructure, quality and speed. And your company needs to be prepared for it.

  • Speed from 15Mbps to 10 Gbps

  • 100% in optic fiber.

  • Speed ​​guarantee contracted (upload and download)

  • Fixed IPs

Dedicated Links

Point to Point Transportation

100% optical fiber circuits for network interconnection.

Network interconnection via fiber optic is the best solution to print speed and security to the interconnection between matrix, branch offices, data centers and local area networks.

  • Simple Routes or Double-Sided Rings

  • Possibility of delivery in the main data centers or (PTT Metro)

  • Rental of fiber Fiber capacities from 15Mbps to 40Gbps

  • Underground intercity networks on the state's main highways



Solution for operators who want to install their own equipment in a modern fiber network and virtually unlimited in terms of data transport capacity. It is the best alternative for customers who demand high capacity, scalability and network management.


Solution in cabling and equipment for your internal network.

We build and manage your internal network using our expertise and our infrastructure building and management processes.

  • Structured cabling (UTP) or fiber optics in installation or rental mode

  • RaiseCom switches and routers rental and sale

  • Possibility of management by our network team

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