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We offer dedicated links to connect companies, hospitals, schools, small, medium and large businesses, as well as condominiums, in order to offer exclusive bandwidth allocation, stability of access and greater reliability of our clients service.

Through the dedicated link, you are connected directly to an Ethernet port of your own, thus eliminating congestion that occurs on shared links.



The consulting service takes place through diagnoses and processes and aims to raise customer needs, identify solutions and recommend actions.


Our projects are elaborated based on the assumptions defined by our clients, and are designed to meet your needs and specifications within the best cost-benefit ratio. 


We design special, on-demand and often non-traditional solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers..


Our facilities are executed within the best engineering practices and complying with all the standards established by ABNT and CREA. Consult us to understand your need.


Our team of specialists offers complete support, such as: Help-Desk, assisted operation, technical assistance among others.


We have highly qualified personnel to teach courses and training programs to our clients and partners in all the line of products and solutions with which we operate.

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