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For 30 years innovating the Telecom market


PETHA has been providing integrated solutions for radio links to the corporate market for years, mainly in the form of leased links. Over the years, it gained a considerable market share, which allowed it to also participate in public tenders for supplies of telecommunications and IT equipment and solutions, given the quality of the services provided and the seriousness with which it executed its supplies.

In these long years of market activities, it has gained the trust of its customers, which has enabled it to extend its portfolio of solutions and services, transforming it into a supplier of not only high technology equipment, but also an engineering and differentiated and special projects.




Working with excellence for the success of our clients, offering products and services of the highest quality, that improve people's lives, bring satisfaction to employees and shareholders and contribute to the generation of wealth in a sustainable way.

To be a market reference for the quality of its products, services and relationship, using knowledge and technology to benefit its customers, employees and society, creating and adding value to the business.

Our values ​​guide the Company, guide every aspect of our and are the major expression of our commitment to society. For them, we offer excellent products and services to our customers.

  • Responsibility and Ethics.

  • Excellence and Innovation.

  • Performance, Quality and Reliability.

  • Commitment and Professionalism.

  • Sustainability and Respect for the Environment.

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