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Access  Control

Petha's partnership with Israel's Knock N'Lock, this product line aims to meet the need for control and security of sites intended to receive telecommunications equipment. It is a security solution that involves both advanced locking mechanisms and electronic access controls based on a unique and highly secure technology, by the use of encrypted access codes unique to each access.

The KnocKey key can not be duplicated; lost or stolen, can not be used and can be easily removed. The code is encrypted, guaranteeing greater security to our client. In addition, a single key can open an unlimited number of locking units, including of different types. Easy installation and security complement the best cost-benefit of the niche.

Several Applications

The Outlock caters to all customers who need high access control with ability and technology. Telecommunication sites, cable TV operators, Electricity and Gas Companies, City Halls, Value Transport companies, among others. The access code is transferred from the Remote Control to the Lock Unit, which controls the mechanical lock, keeping it secure.

Management and Access Control

• Intuitive and easy to use

• Manages codes: creation, replacement and more

• Provides the opening codes (once)

• Manage permissions: Restrict or extend each user's privileges

• Produces detailed event reports

• Allows integration with another management system




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