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• Wide range of solutions for band reduction:

• Dedicated range of new devices

• Linux-based servers

• Embedding on third party devices, eg. Satellites terminals

• Reduced bandwidth usage for:

• Voice

• Multimidia

• Data Transfer

• Internet and e-services

• Increased application stability and call quality

Unique Features

The Mux IP V200 is part of a family of products that evolved from data and voice multiplexing technology. As a result, it combines efficient IP multiplexing with a huge variety of tax services. It is designed to provide professional communications and aggregate different types of user demands on a managed WAN, whether it is based on IP, serial or ISDN.

- Slots for card device Hot Swap

- Real Time Clock Device

- FAN Temperature, Voltage and Speed ​​Monitoring

- TCP PEP (Performance Enhancing Proxy)

- Management SNMP


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