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The FiberLan solution is based on GPON technology in which voice, image and data signals are connected at customer terminals (ONUs), and from there they start to travel in Eth packages on optical fibers, eliminating all the extensive internal wired network that until then was separated and dedicated by type of service.

Adopting GPON Fiberlan technology compared to traditionally used solutions can reduce costs by up to 70% and reduce power consumption by up to 84%. In addition, the Fiberlan solution takes up to 90% less space. There is also the management advantage, which can be remote, with warnings and alarms, and the maintenance is carried out without interruption of the service.


The demands on access networks are increasing at an accelerated rate, requiring a "clean-sheet" approach to a truly scalable multi-service service. The Zhone terabyte MXK ™ terabyte smart access concentrator takes this new approach, with non-blocking capability of up to 3,600 100Mbps per GPON user or 360 1G Active Ethernet users per chassis.

MXK Delivers Key Advances in Access Network Fulfilling the full spectrum of carrier-class basic requirements for multi-service hardware and software.

For residential triple play and broadband services in any FTTx architecture, the MXK Solution is a new benchmark for industry performance.


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